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GV Asset Management is a specialist provider of services in equipment asset management. They provide clients with bespoke equipment based solutions, in order to minimise current or future asset depreciation risk, and thereby maximise overall financial returns.

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"Being given free reign on a rebrand is a dream scenario for a designer. We were able to develop an identity that really lifted GV to the next level and was a lot of fun to work on."

- The Design Team, New Moon

GV Asset Management are a long time client of New Moon, but it was only more recently that they approached us to conduct a full rebrand. They wanted their identity to reflect the global nature of their business, but that also remained true to their roots. Finding the delicate balance between trustworthiness and corporate minimalism was a challenge but we feel that the resulting identity really hits the mark.

We took the decision early on to work with a bold colour scheme of rich blue and gold, offsetting these colours with sparse, minimalist layouts. The logo relies on a sharp, angular monogram paired with a friendly sans serif typeface that really sets the tone for the rest of the brand.

Since the relaunch we have been on hand to help GV Asset Management develop and deploy a new website, and we continue to produce reports, presentations and corporate literature as they continue to grow.

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Fully Interactive PDFs

A Better Way to Present

These days, with laptops and tablets commonplace in office environments, the need for printed reports and presentations has decreased significantly. We are often asked if we are able to produce digital versions of the items that we design and print. And the answer is yes. In fact, we are able to produce fully interactive presentations, complete with navigation menus, buttons and interactions in PDF format that will work on almost any device. They're the perfect companion to that amazing PowerPoint presentation you have ready to go. Get in touch with us to discuss how our interactive options could elevate your next pitch or presentation.

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