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Tom Green Gardening Services

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Tom Green operates a small gardening and landscaping business servicing the local area. We were recommended to him by another of our clients and after popping in for an initial consultation with the team he tasked us with coming up with a new brand identity for him. The aim was to start attracting new customers and to give him a good base from which to grow the business. At New Moon we like to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, so having the chance to help a smaller operation get off the ground was a prospect we were more than happy to make time for.

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Tom Green Icon
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Brand Realisation

It sounds obvious but Tom was very keen for the logo to clearly communicate the nature of his business. Luckily with the surname 'Green' this was something that wouldn't be particularly difficult to achieve. Through some simple iconography and traditional typographic choices we were able to construct an identity that communicated gardening services in a subtle and effective way. Two shades of, you guessed it, green, were selected and have been rolled out in a way that gives time the flexibility of application whichever direction his business heads off in.

Tom Green Bag

As well as a new logo, we put together some flyers and business cards to introduce him to the surrounding areas as a trustworthy and reliable source. These seem to have paid dividends as he told us he is now flat out which is always nice to hear!

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