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LPR (or La Palette Rouge) provides reusable pallets and their associated logistics services, based on a rental and return model, to manufacturers and distributors in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail sector in the European market. We have been working with their local headquarters in Studley since 2019 and provide print and digital support to the UK marketing team.

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Interactive PDFs

These days, with laptops and tablets commonplace in office environments, the need for printed reports and presentations has decreased significantly. We are often asked if we are able to produce digital versions of the items that we design and print. And the answer is yes. In fact, we are able to produce fully interactive presentations, complete with navigation menus, buttons and interactions in PDF format that will work on almost any device. They're the perfect companion to that amazing PowerPoint presentation you have ready to go.

LPR Interactive PDF

LPR were keen to find a way to get all their customer onboarding information into one, easy-to-use document that could be emailed out to new customers. We knew that an interactive PDF would be perfect, and with our expert know-how we were able to create a thorough, easy-to-navigate document without the need for huge file size - perfect for an email attachment. Get in touch with us to discuss how our interactive options could elevate your next pitch or presentation.

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